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Hello and welcome to Going!GoNin!, a 新生KAT-TUN LJ community.
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To help out a few new fandom friends who hadn't seen it yet, I re-uploaded the dvd of Sushi Ouji's movie set in New York. For anyone unaware, it's the movie released not long after Nakamaru's drama Sushi Ouji aired. I figured it only fair to link it here too in case anyone else hasn't seen it.

Links here
Thug Lovin'

2015.04. Eng Sub KAT-TUN's Sekkaiichi Tame Ni Naru Tabi! EP 1 in Ishigaki Island

[TV] 20150417 Tame Tabi Episode 1 - 60m SP in Ishigaki (44m59s)(1280X720)(KAL)_001_1818.png


  • Kame hits on girl customers. Earns the name 'bed idol'.

  • Nakamaru negotiates like a pro.

  • Ueda's voiceover!!!

  • Junno has a freakout over a snake!

Download Link: Here
FT Island

Hi everyone!

We're selling extra tickets for May 9th and May 10th concert. (We have 4 tickets for 9th and 4 tickets for 10th). If anyone is interested, please PM me.

Thank you :)

I'm selling my extra tickets for May 9th and May 10th concert.
Price: 7800 yen
For those who are interested, kindly PM me.

I will be attending the KAT-TUN "QUARTER" concert at Tokyo Dome. Therefore, is taking PreOrders for the Concert Goods.
All items will be shipped out from Singapore from the 11th May onward.

PreOrder KAT-TUN Live Tour 2015 [Tokyo Dome]
Dateline : 7th May 2015
Japan Je LOGO
I have 2 extra tickets for the Tokyo Dome LIVE on Sun 10th May. If anyone is interested in it at the original price of 8,500yen.
Please PM me.
Hi! Everyone! If you're interested in buying my Kat-tun Collections. Just send me a message.

I'm selling these. For shipping and within Philippines only.

DVD Concerts @ 1,000php each

KAT-TUN - Queen of Pirates DVD Concert
KAT-TUN - Break the Records LE DVD Concert


KAT-TUN - Kusabi LE A
KAT-TUN - Kusabi LE B
KAT-TUN - Chain LE


KAT-TUN - Rescue LE
KAT-TUN - Going LE
KAT-TUN - Fumetsu no Scrum LE
KAT-TUN - In Fact LE


KAT-TUN - Run For You FP
KAT-TUN - Bokura no Machi De FP

For anyone who watched Second Love and wants to share thoughts, questions, and/or fanworks related to the drama, or to simply engage in fun flail-y-times with other fans, please head on this way. It's cheesy but it's true:

the more, the merrier! ♥
19th-Mar-2015 10:06 pm - [Lyrics] Kiss Kiss Kiss Single
Hi! I got a present for everyone! Here are the kanji and romaji lyrics for KAT-TUN's latest single, KISS KISS KISS! <3 I'm only done with 5/7 but I will be updating this once I am done with the 2 other songs :D Please go easy on me since it's my first time doing this and I am not fluent in Japanese so there might be mistakes~~ Feel free to correct them for me! :D
And oh, I am planning to translate them too but we'll see if I get more time XD But if you want to do it, then go ahead! I will appreciate that! :D
I made eng subs for the 29.01.2015 VS Arashi with Kame.
You can download the subs here
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