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Hello and welcome to Going!GoNin!, a 新生KAT-TUN LJ community.
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4th-Oct-2016 12:09 am - [GRAPHICS] ICONS & WALLPAPERS
Ueda Tatsuya:
110】 icon.
004】 wallpaper.

Hay gurls I want to sell some of my KAT-TUN stuff....
all CD/DVD/ Magazine's condition are 100% good
you can ask more in comment below or Private Chat me
All shipping using EMS
Sent from Indonesia

- KAT-TUN Wink Up 2009
- KAT-TUN Chain Album LE
- Maquia Magazine Vol.24 (Kame)
- KAT-TUN Countdown Live 2013 DVD LE
- and many more

Visit HERE
kame glasses
4th-Sep-2016 12:31 am - [GRAPHICS] ICONS & WALLPAPERS
Nakamaru Yuichi:
100】 icons.
004】 wallpapers.

Hello, I've ripped the latest concert, 10ks! Live to MP3.

If anyone interested, please visit HERE.

ueda latest
KAT-TUN's songwriter, Jovette Rivera has done an interview with Izanau where he talks about making music in Japan, KAT-TUN and other Johnny's artists!

Jovette Rivera is a multiplatinum songwriter, born and raised in Monterey, California. He now lives in Tokyo, Japan where he owns his own company, Royal Kingdom Music, and writes music for top Japanese artists such as talent from the famous agency Johnny & Associates, including Sexy Zone, KIS-MT-FT-2, KAT-TUN, and former KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi (赤西仁). His most recent hit was “Dead or Alive”, written for KAT-TUN, and featured as the main song in the 2015 movie KAT-TUN member Kazuya Kamenashi (亀梨和也) starred in, Joker Game.

Check out the ful interview here!!
24th-Jul-2016 11:41 am - [GRAPHICS] WALLPAPERS


To all Pinoy Hyphens,

Hyphens Philippines is inviting you to KAT-TUN’s 10th Anniversary Live Tour “10Ks!” Philippine Concert DVD Viewing.

WHERE: iChill Theatre Café, 1125 Dos Castillas St., Sampaloc, Manila
WHEN: August 20, 2016
TIME: 1:00-6:00 p.m.

*includes entrance, food, raffle entry and special souvenir

As we watch KAT-TUN’s last performance before entering their “charging period”, we also want to have an opportunity to celebrate our beloved group’s 10th Anniversary through this event. Expect fun activities and chances to win rare KAT-TUN goods in the raffle as part of the celebration.

1. Send Hyphens Philippines a PM or an email (hyphens.ph@gmail.com) with the following details:
Full name:
Contact info:
KAT-TUN Ichiban:
Mode of payment:

2. Send an SMS to Rochelle (0917-726-4572) or Ikhlas (0917-813-5280) with the same details as above.

1. You can choose from the following options for the payment of the registration fee:
BDO Bank Deposit
BPI Bank Deposit

*More information (account details, address, etc.) will be provided once we confirmed your registration

2. Only those Hyphens who made a complete payment of the registration fee on or before AUGUST 13, 2016 (Saturday) will receive the special limited souvenir.

*An email or SMS will be to you when the payment is received.

3. Registration fee is Php250 inclusive of food, raffle entry and special souvenir. LIMITED SLOTS ONLY as we will accommodate no more than 30 HYPHENS in this special event.

We’ve been through a lot but it’s no reason for us not to celebrate while KAT-TUN is in their “charging period” so we sure would love to have a blast with you in this event!

See you there~
2nd-May-2016 05:21 am - Brand New Stage English Lyrics
On a bit of a lyrics roll right now.

Here are the translated lyrics for Brand New Day!

Lets run towards the light of dawn
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