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KAT-TUN, Going!GoNin!
A KAT-TUN fan community
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Hello and welcome to Going!GoNin!, a 新生KAT-TUN LJ community.
First and foremost - please read this introduction & rules post (to be re-done)

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Please contact annneonet through a PM. I don't bite.

※Full show
[TV] 20160211 Battle Field of ZEUS Geinin's vs Johnny's (2h21m30s)(1280x720)(ey)
Download: here @ chronicles_of_u

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friend says I'm capricious
14th-Sep-2015 09:30 am - [Graphics] Nakamaru Yuichi
[8] Yuichi
Twitter Headers
[2] Yuichi
[5] Yuichi
[16] Yuichi x Members

Get them here at art_of_clarity
friend says I'm capricious
6th-Jul-2015 01:20 am - [Graphics] Wallpapers
[6] Taguchi Junnosuke
[5] Nakamaru Yuichi

HERE for Taguchi wallpapers and HERE for Nakamaru wallpapers

2015.05.15 Eng Sub KAT-TUN's Sekkaiichi Tame Ni Naru Tabi! EP 5 in Miyazaki

[TV] 20150515 Tame Tabi Episode 5 in Miyazaki (21m59s)(1280X720)(alinka)_001_30684.png


  • KAT-TUN tries to break 120 dB (level of sound) while visiting two high schools and a suspension bridge.

  • Kame does his sexy rose toss!

  • Junno has cute but embarrasing interaction with a fan!

  • A live preformance of KAT-TUN singing Real Face!

Download Link: Here
FT Island

2015.05.08 Eng Sub KAT-TUN's Sekkaiichi Tame Ni Naru Tabi! EP 4 in Mie

[TV] 20150508 Tame Tabi Episode 4 in Mie (21m44s)(1280X720)(KAL).avi_001_14996.png


  • KAT-TUN grants the small dreams of the people in Mie Prefecture!

  • KAT-TUN have fun in a shopping area in normal clothes!

  • Kame is challenged to arm wrestling by a high school boy!

  • Ueda spars with a high school girl ranking number 2 at nationals in wrestling!

Download Link: Here
FT Island
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