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KAT-TUN, Going!GoNin!
A KAT-TUN fan community
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Hello and welcome to Going!GoNin!, a 新生KAT-TUN LJ community.
First and foremost - please read this introduction & rules post (to be re-done)

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2015.05.08 Eng Sub KAT-TUN's Sekkaiichi Tame Ni Naru Tabi! EP 4 in Mie

[TV] 20150508 Tame Tabi Episode 4 in Mie (21m44s)(1280X720)(KAL).avi_001_14996.png


  • KAT-TUN grants the small dreams of the people in Mie Prefecture!

  • KAT-TUN have fun in a shopping area in normal clothes!

  • Kame is challenged to arm wrestling by a high school boy!

  • Ueda spars with a high school girl ranking number 2 at nationals in wrestling!

Download Link: Here
FT Island

2015.04.24 Eng Sub KAT-TUN's Sekkaiichi Tame Ni Naru Tabi! EP 2 in Ishigaki Island Part 2

[TV] 20150424 Tame Tabi Episode 2 - Ishigaki Part 2 (21m39s)(1280X720)(KAL)_001_5469.png


  • KAT-TUN's brutal wake up call.

  • Ueda has an upleasant encounter with a vacuum cleaner.

  • More pannicking and freaking out from Junno and Nakamaru. Ha.

  • Ueda catches a deadly poisonous creature like a boss.

Download Link: Here
FT Island

2015.04. Eng Sub KAT-TUN's Sekkaiichi Tame Ni Naru Tabi! EP 1 in Ishigaki Island

[TV] 20150417 Tame Tabi Episode 1 - 60m SP in Ishigaki (44m59s)(1280X720)(KAL)_001_1818.png


  • Kame hits on girl customers. Earns the name 'bed idol'.

  • Nakamaru negotiates like a pro.

  • Ueda's voiceover!!!

  • Junno has a freakout over a snake!

Download Link: Here
FT Island
21st-Mar-2014 09:04 am - KAT-TUN 8th Anniversary Post
It's already March 22nd in Japan, so...


Spam your favorite pics, gifs, fanwork, or anything else KAT-TUN related! o(^^o) (o^^o) (o^^)o ♪

Please keep all anniversary related posts here. Meaning, if you have a post intended for KAT-TUN's anniversary, it must be posted in this spam post. This includes fansubs, translations, graphics, etc etc. Otherwise, your post will be deleted. (Basically, you mention KT's anniversary in your post, it goes in this entry. If you're still unsure, please feel free to PM any of the mods w/ any questions.) Your post will then be mentioned in the daily Schedule&News entry for the entirety of the anniversary week.

Please limit the amount of images to ~6-7 per comment max. Thank you! ♥

If you comment, you can be entered in going_gonin's KT anniversary raffle!! (Yes, there are actual prizes!) Please be sure to read the details/requirements HERE.

☆ o(^^o) (o^^o) (o^^)o ☆

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kattun!5going (krysyuy)
2012.12.21 KAT-TUN's SDY No Good Talk Show EP 16 - KAT-TUN x Guts Ishimatsu



  • Everyone picks on Nakamaru (Isn't this enough incentitive?)

  • "Nakamaru's Pegasus Knight Fight Talk Show"

  • Nakamaru's Antonio Iinoki Impression!

  • Laughter abounds, yet again!

Download Link: Here
FT Island
2013.02.06 Ichiban Song Show - KAT-TUN x Nihon TV 60th Anniversary



  • Koki's confession!

  • Nakamaru's epic bungee fail resurfaces (again XD)


  • Ueda talks about Nakamaru's "counselor"

  • EXPOSE Preformance

  • ...And of course Junno is there for the pretties (ha)

  • Hillarity ensues...!

Download Link: Here
FT Island
2012.06.30 Gokujou Kuukan - Koki x Maru's Road Trip to Nasu + Junno in TAG-TUNE DRIVING

  • Koki x Maru x Junno.
  • Koki x Maru talking to the animals, giggling like little boys *cute* ♡.
  • Koki x Maru share about the famous Kame Vs. Ueda fight.
  • Koki teases Maru about "playing" the guitar.
  • Footage from the "Chain" Tour.
Download Link: Here
FT Island
As usual, I can't help but to screencap every single moves of this Oujisama! So click this kawaaaiii pic of him to view all of my screencaps. (╹◡╹) 

Aww that stunning smile! Rabuuuuu~ :)
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