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[Mod Post] KT's 8th Anniversary Raffle

This is a heads-up for the raffle that will start on 2014.03.22. Everyone can take part!

However, to have your name entered in the raffle, here are the
● You must be a member of this community.
● You must comment in KT's 8th anniversary post.
  But not just any comment will do! Your comment must include:
    ● at least 1 reason why you like/admire/etc Kamenashi Kazuya.
    ● at least 1 reason why you like/admire/etc Taguchi Junnosuke.
    ● at least 1 reason why you like/admire/etc Ueda Tatsuya.
    ● at least 1 reason why you like/admire/etc Nakamaru Yuichi.
    ● Any hopes/dreams/wishes you have for 4nin KAT-TUN as they move forward.

So a plain 'Happy anniversary, KT!' comment will not get your name entered in the raffle. However, we do not expect you to write an essay (though you are certainly welcome to! lol). The comments can be as simple or as detailed as you like. When we say simple, it can be like 'I love _____'s hair!', '_______'s smile brightens my day!', etc. (Pictures are appreciated, but not required. haha)

It is possible to be entered into the raffle three times (maximum).
● One comment that meets the requirements stated above will get your name entered 1 time.
● Fangraphics, downloads, translations, drawn fanart, fanvideos etc will get your name entered 2 times.
    ● !!! For fangraphics, we mean shareable ones that others can use. Icons, wallpapers, LJ banners, etc. At least more than 1. If you just make one 'Happy anniversary, KT!' banner/card and post it as a comment, this will not count.

So you can comment and get your name entered once. You can post a download, etc and get your name entered twice. Or, you can do both and get your name entered 3 times.

If you have multiple goodies, you are of course welcome to post all of them in the anniversary post. But your name will not be entered more than the max. 3 times.

If, for whatever reason, you don't want to be entered in the raffle, please say so.

The prizes are!

1) FACE to face LE1 (unopened, but there is a small hairline crack on the case)
2) BIRTH RE (opened for code, unused)
3) CHAIN LIVE bag charm strap
4) CHAIN LIVE group photoset - 1 set
5) CHAIN LIVE group clearfile - 3 sets

The eligibility period will start from the moment I post KAT-TUN's 8th anniversary post (I'm aiming for 12:00am 3/22 JST) to March 29th, 11:59 PDT. Winners will be picked randomly via computer selection and announced some time between March 30-31 April 2nd.

NOTE!: You can only win once. So if the computer picks your name more than 1 time, this result will be disregarded and we will pick another winner.

Please look forward to the raffle! See you on Saturday! ヽ(´∀‘)人(⌒ー⌒)人(´・ω・`)人(冫、 )ノ
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